Exercise & Acid Reflux

Dr Simon Smale & Tom Lininsh bring you a mix of health and medicine to explain how best to exercise while keeping acid reflux under control.

If you’re new to Acid Professor we focus on not just useless advice but actually doing something about it. We look at how to stop heartburn within 48 hours rather than just treating the symptoms constantly.

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hi i’m simon smile I’m a guest general is Tom Nash is an exercise professional welcome to more than just medicine today we thought we’d talk a bit about the implications of exercise on reflux and vice versa Tom I know that from my own experience and from the experience for my patients that lots of patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease myself included to get worsening reflux when were exercising there any exercises that people can do or any ways in which people can exercise in order to kind of minimize the risk of reflux yeah so we know that physical activity increases reflux and the more vigorous the exercise the more reflux normally and is produced in the stomach and that can be awful it can vary from exercise to exercise so I think it’s important to and work out what exercises best for you and I think that the lower the impact exercise is going to be better okay so not jogging or running and bouncing up and down or even that is doing exercises which are going from the floor into a reversible position okay a lot of exercises which are tensing the abdominals like rowing for example just washing the stomach the other thing to verify this that high impacts intensity which is getting the heart rate up which is yeah from the research is very beneficial for muscular strength and in cardiovascular fitness so you know the evidence shows that it’s a great form of exercise and the law of information out there showing that that’s the exercise we should be doing for weight loss and all that’s a lot of information out in the magazines I think you know telling you to do that and rightly so but when you’ve got reflux those sort of exercises where you get the heart rate right the way up to maximum is just going to be making that is increasing your gastric acid production editing your abdominal question making refunds yeah so if you have a really bad problem then avoiding those high impact interval sessions is going to be really important for you okay so things like the average circuit lesson in a gym is going to be really hard work I’m gonna make you feel very poorly I’m very ill and so things like swimming yoga as well as cycling and getting the things you’re not attending there’s a little time you can do some walking Hill walking is very good but again just being careful that you’re not elevating the heart rate or your effort level more than maybe a seven out of ten you know engage it from 10 being the absolute maximum won’t be easy you want to became five six should be sufficient for the reflux at bay what about maybe people drinking fluids and drinks and stuff absolutely so there’s a lot of evidence to show there’s been evidence to show you’re needing it elite athletes that the ones wish is suffering from reflux the ones which are drinking sugary sports drinks okay containing caffeine I’m not just containing caffeine just naturally electrons and the sugary and fluids in in a lot of sports drinks could be causing more reflux than that so drink water instead water and hydration and clearing reflux and that’s a good tip as well even if you’re getting about reflux water can start to neutralize that via so she’s okay so yeah water instead of instead of sports drinks water is a very good thing to start doing and what about advice to go back about eating kind of meals and stuff around exercise yeah so the closer you eat to exercise the more likely you’ve got stomach acid in the stomach so as a rule of thumb up where we go for about three hours before exercise eating sufficient large meal or even if you have severe problems than even a medium sized meal would cause some reason only so it’s not sending calm and you shouldn’t eat before exercise it’s just a question of words now got really luxe that may make you worry so you might be outage foods which less acidic so things which are maybe not very very sugary and which might help but also trying to eat small amounts before exercise rather than a big meal like having a dinner then go for a run is obviously gonna cause a bit of upset mr. work okay that’s great okay thanks very much thanks for listening you..


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  • First of all thank you for the great information but looks like you guys are very uncomfortable talking before the camera. he he