Haft – Denic (Lukas Endhardt Acid Reflux) // Exotic Refreshment

Release Date: Nov, 5 2018

Genre: Deep House, Electronica, Melodic House & Techno

Mastering by Exotic Mastering

HAFT is a music production partnership between Sam Naseh and Amir Subb, two individuals who have always made their own distinct combinations of rhythms and melodies.

If you’re new to Acid Professor we focus on not just useless advice but actually doing something about it. We look at how to stop heartburn within 48 hours rather than just treating the symptoms constantly.

Together they create a new unique deep and dark sound with eastern flavor – a seamless mix of traditional Middle Eastern instruments and modern techno.

Their second EP on Exotic Refreshment entitled Black Udo includes three original tracks, but also three remixes from San Miguel (Lump Records, Pipe & Pochet, Souq Records, LNDKHN), Lukas Endhardt (Underyourskin Records, Amselcom) and Anatolian Sessions (Ready Mix Records, Souq Records, Art Vibes Music, Pipe & Pochet).

1. HAFT – Black Udo (Original Mix)

2. HAFT – Black Udo (San Miguel Remix)

3. HAFT – Rougie (Original Mix)

4. HAFT – Denic (Original Mix)

5. HAFT – Denic (Lukas Endhardt Acid Reflux)

6. HAFT – Denic (Anatolian Sessions Remix)

Sebastien Leger: “I like it, but Reminds me (a lot) of DAVI – Distant Memory ;)” 4/5

Aera: “Sounds promising! Need to check if it holds up being pitched a bit ;)” 5/5

Be Svendsen: “exceptional originals” 4/5

Armen Miran: “full support:)” 5/5

Soul Button: “Thanks for the music guys” 4/5

Timboletti: “Thanks for sharing, will try for sure, like the synth on Rougie a lot.” 4/5

Robbie Akbal: “cool hypnotic tunes! will try them” 4/5

Hrag Mikkel: “Amazing Ep Thank you for sharing 🙂 ” 5/5

Amine K (Moroko Loko): “beauty . thanks you ;)” 5/5

Coss: “great release!! thanks for sharing :)” 5/5

Lukas Endhardt: “nice EP :)” 5/5

Himbrecht: “I absolutely love Denic, both the original and Lukas’ remix, will play :)” 5/5

Alex Kentucky (Ibiza Global Radio): “””””””IBIZAGLOBALRADIO SUPPORT””” ” ” ” ” “” 4/5

Greg Fenton (DMC World Magazine / Magazine Sixty): “good tracks!” 4/5

DIVERSIONS (Radio, Canada): “loving the immersive rhythms and mid paced flows” 4/5

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