Stomach acid plays an important role in our digestion. What ever we eat acid helps to breaks down the food to digest. This is a natural process. In acidity the amount of acid increases in our stomach above the limit is called acidity.

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Avoid tea, spicy fried foods, Pickles, Smoking as well as staying hungry for a long time, drinking alcohol and junk food. Drink more water to clean your stomach which help in proper smooth bowel movement.

Sir, Kindly advice on how to keep the GERD under check naturally, as i am having this symptom since 6 yeras. I have a very bitter feeling in mouth and have a very dizzy feeling in the head, which makes me very irritating and unable to concentrate on work. I also do surya namaskar regularly. halasana, ushtasana.

Do Kapalbhati and Agnisar kriya regularly. Daily twice. half hour kapalbhati. Agnisar as per your strength. Also do slow bhastrika and Anulom vilom. Pranayam helps a lot.

Hello every one. I have gastric problem . last 2 year. And hyper acidity . continue feeling acidic mouth, headache, back chest pain , I have tried allopathic, homeopathic, but not get any type of effect . ple help me to salve d problem8805911500

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